You open the UI by executing: DPK_animUI 1;

The “1” is important here, so be sure to include it in your command for opening the UI and/or for the shelf button you might want to create. The following window should appear, initially with empty lists, of course.

Right-click for quick access to sync settingsRight-click for configuring the label appearanceRight-click for preset slider configurationRight-click for maximizing different UI areasHides the upper part of the UIConfigure options like tangent types etc.Morphs the selected preset(s) into the attributes of the selected sectionsApply presets to left attributes onlyApply presets to right attributes onlyApply presets to all attributesDouble-click a preset to apply it to the selected sections. Right-click for more options.Right-click for mirroring. Middle-click for flipping sides.Right-click for managing sections and attrs. CTRL+right-click for navigation. Double-click for directly going to the sliders.Middle-click for configuring the label appearanceEnter the exact value for an attributeWindows Only: Right-click for sync settingsKeys this attributeThe current animUI objectSelects the current animUI objectSets a key on all attrs of the setup

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Since version 2.0.1 of the animUI script, you can optionally open the UI in a panel like the Outliner or the camera views. Here are images of how this will look:

Full GUIJust SlidersJust Presets/Sections

AnimUI in a panel

AnimUI in a panel

AnimUI in a panel


For information on how to install the animUI as a panel, see Chapter 2. Installation.

Main Buttons

The Current Object

The drop-down list on the bottom left of the window contains all objects that have a setup for the animUI. Any node in Maya can be added to the list by simply selecting it in the scene and choosing Add Selected Object from this list.

Each node that has such a setup can have a different configuration and control any number of attributes, have different sections and presets. The UI will show the configuration of the object that is selected in this drop-down list.

Select Button

The Select button simply selects the currently chosen object.

Key All

Pressing the Key All button will set a keyframe for all attributes of the currently displayed setup.

Maximize Slider Area

This button at the top of the window hides the upper part of the UI so that the sliders get the maximum possible space. Pressing it again will restore the original state of the UI.


The area between the Select and Key All buttons has a right-click menu where you can quickly maximize the two areas of the UI.

Hides the sliders and just shows the sections and presetsShows the complete UIJust shows the sliders and hides the presets and sections

Slider area maximized

Preset/Section area maximized