The installation consists of the following steps:

  • Copy the MEL scripts into a scripts folder of Maya.

  • Optionally create a shelf button in order to conveniently open the user interface of the animUI.

  • Configure Maya in order to be able to show the animUI in a panel.

Copying the Files

  • Extract the file you’ve downloaded.

  • Copy the “.mel” files into your scripts directory (e.g.: ../maya/scripts).

Shelf Button

The following MEL command will open the animUI in a new window:

DPK_animUI 1;

You can create a new shelf button with this command for easier access.


The above command should be executed as MEL command. You will get errors if you try to execute it in Python mode.

The AnimUI in a Panel

To open the animUI in a panel, click on an existing panel’s “Panels” menu (e.g. in the Outliner) and choose “Panel” and then “DPK_animUI”. In case it is not listed under the “Panel” menu, you have to source the DPK_animUI script (e.g. with the MEL command source DPK_animUI.mel).

To avoid having to manually source the script every time Maya is started, you can place the following line into your “userSetup.mel” script:

DPK_animUI 0; DPK_animUI_registerPanel;

If you don’t know where to find/create the “userSetup.mel” script or what it is, simply search the Maya help for “userSetup”. One of the results should be “Run MEL commands whenever Maya starts up”.