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BlendShape Combination System

Current Version: 1.3.3

Last Change: Sep 08, 2017

Attribute Combination System

Current Version: 1.08

Last Change: Mar 30, 2015


Current Version: 2.1.8

Last Change: Mar 30, 2011

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ACS - Attribute Combination System

posted by danielpk on 07-21-2004 22:57

Hi all!

I have a new script for combination-sculpting. Well, almost. This script is for combining attributes, instead of blend shapes. It can be used for a great variety of situations. It's useful for hand rigs, facial rigs, as part of more complex setups, and many other things as well.

The cool thing is that you can use it for any numeric attribute in Maya. You have a very flexible in-between system (smooth interpolation :)), relative and absolute "targets" (they're called data points here), and a complete UI with six different marking menus for a faster workflow.

There are many other things to note, e.g. the scripting interface for writing custom add-ons, a complete and (very) extensive manual, and a tutorial with example scenes demonstrating a working setup.

It was originally thought to be a "tiny" part of a new facial setup which combines ideas and theories of combination-sculpting, FACS, and some of my own thoughts. Because it has grown into a full script, I thought I'd release it on its own.

This script took me more time than I ever thought any script could ever do. This is not just because of its size, more because of the increased migraine which let's me work only two to three days a week.

To keep this script platform-independent, I first created it without any API. When my current project is finished (which includes a complete rewrite of the combination-sculpting script), I might take the time and do an API node. This could really increase the speed of this setup.

I hope you will find it useful and get some cool stuff running with it. :D



Several Script Updates

posted by danielpk on 07-21-2004 22:45

Here is a list with the new versions and a short note on what's changed.


Well, I'm back...

posted by danielpk on 07-21-2004 22:20

Just a side note,

after a long pause, caused by health problems and an increase in the frequency of the migraine attacks, I'm now going to do little updates :), again.

Best Regards,


Updated Two Mel Scipts

posted by danielpk on 02-17-2004 12:51

Just some short news:

The DPK_combinationSystemUI MEL script has got some minor bug fixes.

The DPK_reorderAttrs MEL script was updated and should now work under Linux, too (it was just tested under Win).


Updated and New Files

posted by danielpk on 12-20-2003 21:21

As a side effect of the developement of my second rigging system, I've written some other scripts which might be usefull for other things aswell. I thought, maybe someone is interested in some of them, so I decided to post them now.

The new scripts are:

  • DPK_multiDimArray.mel
    This script provides several procedures to manage dynamic multidimensional string arrays. There's much information in the header of the script.

  • DPK_arrayTools.mel
    Little collection of procedures to work on, and convert different types of arrays.

  • DPK_rigOrientJoint.mel
    With this script you can orient joints in a variety of ways. You can control the axis pointing down the joint, the axis pointing up, and you can control where the up axis is.

  • DPK_rigOrientJointUI.mel
    This is just a simple UI with which you can use the DPK_rigOrientJoint.mel script interactively. The orienting script is included in the download.

There's also a little change in the DPK_rigCreateConstObj.mel script which affects some of the older scripts, too. It should now work correctly with moved pivots etc..
The affected scripts are:

The DPK_getCurveCode.mel was also updated to support hierarchies of curves and multi shape curves (one transform with several shape nodes).

I think that's all for now. I hope I can post an early version of the rigging system soon, but I don't know when I'll find the time to work on it.



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