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BlendShape Combination System

Current Version: 1.3.3

Last Change: Sep 08, 2017

Attribute Combination System

Current Version: 1.08

Last Change: Mar 30, 2015


Current Version: 2.1.8

Last Change: Mar 30, 2011

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BCS v1.0.1

posted by danielpk on 04-27-2005 12:27

In preparation for compiling the bcs for Maya 6.5 (should arrive in a few days), I downloaded the Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003 and the windows SDK and tried to get it to compile from the command line.

After just some minor changes to the source the plugin compiled and worked flawlessly. These changes were necessary because the new compiler is much more conformant to the ISO C++ standard and didn't allow for some things C++ 6.0 did. Since the source is now more conformant to the ISO standard, it should also be easier to compile in mac and linux.

Included is now a batch file that will compile for 5.0, but can be edited to compile for other versions (just windows, though). Instructions are in the readme.

P.S. Maya 6.5 arrived a few minutes ago. I'll post an update when I have the new compilation.

Website Redesign

posted by danielpk on 04-26-2005 19:58

Just thought it was about time to update my site a little. Main reason being so that I can have the BCS up front even after adding further news. I'm relying heavily on css this time. If you've problems viewing the page, please mail me and I'll see what I can do.

BCS Release

posted by danielpk on 04-16-2005 10:18

I said to release it within two weeks. Ok, so here it is!



P.S. If you've compiled the plugin successully for other Maya versions/platforms, it would be nice when you email them to me, so that I can include them in the package.

P.P.S The animation interface was slightly updated to work with the bcs (and now with blendShape nodes too ;))

Announcing the BCS

posted by danielpk on 04-02-2005 17:05

Well... it took a little longer than I originally thought, but the BCS is now close to finished. I guess this is typical for anyone's first c++ project after the "Hello World" phase. :)

So What is BCS?

For those of you who didn't already guess what BCS is, let me give you a short explanation:

BCS stands for BlendShape Combination System and is a system that allows you to deform geometry objects like with a blendShape node. It was specifically designed for high-end facial setups. There are some major improvements on the blendShape node:

  • With the BCS, you can place deformation knots (called dataPoints) anywhere in the n-dimensional weight space. In plain English, this means that you can have 30 to 60 sliders controlling 900+ blendShapes to get the full range of facial expressions and all needed combinations... :blink:
  • You can create real inbetweens with smooth transitions from one shape to the next.
  • The left and right part of a target can be created automatically, using editable falloffs.
  • The total deformation can be painted (similar to painting clusters).

Here's a screen shot of the UI. Click on the image to see all the sections expanded.

You're afraid of 900+ blendShapes?

You don't have to be. First, if you don't need the expressive range of Gollum's face, 100 to 200 might be all you need. :blink:

Now really, many of the combination shapes can be created in no time using the paintability of the bcs together with tweakMixing and some other tricks. Moreover, the work is almost halved since you don't need to worry about left and right sides. The nice mirroring tools and automatic left-right separation (with automatically created unilateral combinations :)) do most of this work.


I hope to be ready to release a first version within the next two weeks. It will just contain the bcs program and a technical manual. Tutorials, examples, and the like will (hopefully) follow soon. Since I just have access to Maya 5 on winXP, I can't compile for all the other versions and platforms. Therefore, the source code will also be included.



Two ACS Add-ons

posted by danielpk on 10-17-2004 14:15

Just a little update for the acs:

I've added two scripts for mirroring acs setups and doing sort of batch processing with data points. The two scripts are

In most cases, you need the data point tools for the mirroring too, since the joints often have reversed rotation axes. Both scripts have example scenes and tutorials which should get you started pretty fast.


P.S.: The acs script has got an update in the scripting interface. This doesn't influence the work with the UI, it was just needed for the two add-ons.

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