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BlendShape Combination System

Current Version: 1.3.3

Last Change: Sep 08, 2017

Attribute Combination System

Current Version: 1.08

Last Change: Mar 30, 2015


Current Version: 2.1.8

Last Change: Mar 30, 2011

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BCS v1.0.6

posted by danielpk on 08-28-2005 21:05

Hi there, I took another look at the memory management of the BCS and decided it was time for an enhancement. The result is that dataPoints now need about 17 times less RAM.

This should be more apparent with setups of several hundred dataPoints. I could reduce the memory usage of 700 dataPoints (in my example scene with about 1800 vertices) from 250 MB to 14 MB!

P.S. Sorry for the download problem of the Rotate Deltas script, it's now fixed.

AnimUI v2.0.2

posted by danielpk on 08-04-2005 21:41

A very valuable user feedback proposed adding the ability to open the animUI in a panel. Well... so here it is for anyone interested.

Version 2.0.2 of the DPK_animUI can be opened in a panel. This will look e.g. like this:


AnimUI v2.0

posted by danielpk on 07-31-2005 16:26

The animation interface has finally got its complete rewrite! It's now called DPK_animUI. This version is faster (performance and workflow), more robust, and should work hand in hand with the bcs.

The UI itself didn't change that much, so that users of the old script should quickly get comfortable with the new version. Also, the package now contains complete documentation (with manual, quick start, and command reference).

BCS v1.0.5

posted by danielpk on 07-31-2005 16:25

The bcs is now version 1.0.5! This version is required to run the new AnimUI.

The update also solves some minor bugs including one that sometimes slowed down Maya quite a bit.

Note that this time, the source code did change. The plugins for Maya 5.0 and 6.5 are already updated. Since I don't have Maya 6.0, the plugin for this version is still 1.0.2. If anyone has problems when trying to compile, please don't hesitate to email me. I'm no expert at all, but maybe I can help.

BCS v1.0.4

posted by danielpk on 07-04-2005 14:54

Well... just found a weird behavior of Maya with alias names. Here's a (very minor) bug fix of the bcs which should work around this.

For those interested in the background, when the "attributeAliasList" attr (which stores the alias names for the weights) is not the first dynamic, i.e. user defined, attribute on a node, the Channel Box doesn't show the alias names anymore. The result is that the rather cryptic internal names are displayed, like "Weight[0]", "Weight[1]", etc..

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