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The documentation is available online here:


This script allows you to paint with artisan to smooth the deltas of vertex positions between two polygonal objects. The result is that the local structure of vertices will be reconstructed without moving them to their original place.

This is useful when modeling targets for blendShapes or BCS dataPoint geometry. When you've modeled a target, this tool can make the vertices surrounding the main deformation area follow slightly, creating a nice falloff of the deformation in seconds. The script can also be used to copy absolute vertex positions, like painting a blendShape (but without any additional nodes).

Here's a screen shot of the UI:


This is an example of a deformation falloff that was created in a few seconds:

Before Artisan Smooth PaintDeform


In the first image you clearly see that the movement only affects the lower part of the jaw. What I now wanted to achieve was to ease out the deformation with sort of a falloff effect, so that distant vertices move slightly with the others to create a more organic looking effect.

The second image shows the result of using the “Edit Polygons->Sculpt Geometry Tool” with the Smooth operation selected. This has a similar effect as the “Polygons->Average Vertices” command. The result is not ideal, as many vertices move out of their place. For example, look at the 5-edged vertex near the ear or the dense area from the nostril down to the outer part of the lips. They loose their structure and don’t move logically with the surrounding vertices.

The third image took approximately as long as the second, but the result is much more organic and harmonic vertex movement. It was created using the Paint Deform tool with the Smooth Deltas operation. The target object was the neutral face.

Since the structure is preserved, you can even use this tool on as complex areas as the ear, nose, eyes, or mouth corners.

Version History

  • Updated links to the online help
  • Compatibility fixes for the new Maya 2011 Qt-GUI on Windows and Linux
  • Tiny change for x64 compatibility
  • Tweaked UI to work better on Linux

New Features:

  • New "PaintDeform Marking Menu"
  • New script for adding making menu hotkey commands to the Hotkey Editor: "DPK_paintDeformHotkeys.mel"

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a small bug where errors occurred when the painted object's name wasn't unique in the scene


  • Updated online help menu items
  • The UI should now display correctly on Linux
  • Initial release
Creator: Daniel Pook-Kolb
Version: 1.1.4
Date Added: Jun 30, 2005
Last Change: May 17, 2015
Last Download: Jul 16, 2024 (3:33 AM)
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