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DPK_acs    (free for non-commercial use)


The documentation is available online here:

What is ACS?

ACS stands for Attritbute Combination System and is a system that allows you to do a sort of combination-sculpting, but with any numeric attribute in Maya.

The acs connects any number of (driving) attributes with any number of (driven) attributes. Basically, that's it. Yet, it does it in a rather complex way, allowing for combination-sculpting of attribute values.

It can be used in any situation where an SDK does not provide the desired control, especially when you want to define context sensitive behavior, i.e., when several attributes are changed together. The applications range from hand rigs to being a part in a multi layered facial setup, and even more complicated systems. It can be useful in much simpler scenarios, too. For example, when you want to have two attributes drive one, etc..

Version History

  • Fix: Non-zero outputs are moved by absolute DPs when imported
  • Compatibility fixes for Maya 2011 on Windows and Linux
  • You can now select the font to use for the lists (useful if the default font is too small in your localisation)
  • Added "Arc" and "Inverse Arc" interpolations
  • Solved a bug that led to wrong input position interpolations in rare cases
  • Made the GUI Linux compatible
  • The three lists now have the "view" popup menus on CTRL+right-click instead of middle-click for Linux compatibility
  • Tiny change for x64 compatibility
  • When opening the GUI, the selected ACS node (if any) is loaded instead of the first one found
  • Other minor enhancements
  • Very minor bug fix when the acs node isn't called "ACSnode1"
  • Added two menu items to the "Data Points" menu for sorting dataPoints like in the bcs ("Sort based on Number of Inputs" and "Sort based on First Input")
  • The "Include Node Name" setting when importing attrs is now remembered
  • The acs now also works with namespaces
  • The system (the expression) now evaluates only when needed
  • InputPositions that are linear now use direct connections or math nodes instead of the slower SDK curves
  • IPos Layers are now displayed with a ">" like in the bcsUI
  • Added commands to scripting interface:
  • Added menu item "Online Help" to the Help menu
  • Other minor bug fixes
  • Added possibility to import elements of multi attrs as outputs. This makes it possible to use the acs with bcs and blendShape nodes. ;)
  • Fixed a bug with non-zero neutral values
  • Converted documentation to HTML
  • Minor bug fix in scripting interface for: DPK_acs_editDataPointValues
  • Added commands to scripting interface:
  • Added option for manual performance tweaks when using the scripting interface (see the description of the $DPK_acs_skipUpdate and $DPK_acs_skipError variables in PART 8 of the mel file).
  • Code revised for better viewing with Vim (see bottom of mel file)
  • Initial release
Creator: Daniel Pook-Kolb
Version: 1.08
Date Added: Jul 21, 2004
Last Change: Mar 30, 2015
Last Download: Jun 15, 2024 (1:32 PM)
Downloads: 2503
Price for Commercial Use: EUR 10.00 per license
All times are CET

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