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BlendShape Combination System

Current Version: 1.3.3

Last Change: Sep 08, 2017

Attribute Combination System

Current Version: 1.07

Last Change: Mar 24, 2011


Current Version: 2.1.8

Last Change: Mar 30, 2011

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BCS v1.1.3

posted by danielpk on 05-08-2007 20:37

I've finally uploaded the updated version of the BCS. The previously published version has been 1.0.8, to which version 1.1.3 adds a few small new features and fixes several bugs. Among them are UI problems mostly on Linux. The version history (in the description and readme) contains a list of all the changes.

Note that the manual is in the process of getting a rewrite. Especially the quick start, now to be found in Getting Started, and several other chapters have been or will be completely redesigned. Since the old manual contained some information that hasn't yet been merged into the new, it can still be found in the "old-docs" folder of the current download.

The plugin is now available for both Windows and Linux for Maya 6.5, 7.0, and 8.5.

ACS License Change

posted by danielpk on 05-08-2007 19:49

Similar as in the BCS, I've decided to change the ACS license so that it remains free for non-commercial use, but requires a separate license to be obtained when used for commercial purposes. This was necessary in order to protect the basic ideas behind the BCS, which are to a certain extent also part of the ACS.

The BCS is Back

posted by danielpk on 10-20-2006 17:38

Finally, the new license has been approved and the BCS is back online for download. The download is free for private non-commercial use, for a commercial license, please contact me at: daniel@dpk.stargrav.com

P.S. I've decided to remove the "All in One" download as it's not practical to have such a package anymore.

BCS Temporarily Down

posted by danielpk on 08-01-2006 20:48

I've temporarily removed the BCS download in order to decide about its future and also to gain more control over its distribution.

Recently, it has been used in more and more commercial productions, including feature films, and even though being proud and happy about this popularity, I've decided that in such circumstances, I should probably change the license a bit.

Of course, the non-commercial use will remain free. But I think that companies making money using my tools should pay a little bit for it. This will also help in keeping this site alive and allows me to work further on this project.

I reckon the download will be back within the next few weeks. If you'd like to try it out sooner, just drop me a mail and I'll send you a copy.



BCS 1.0.8 for LINUX!

posted by danielpk on 04-30-2006 21:24

Thanks to the kind help of Tieum, Phid and the people at Mac Guff for providing compiled plugin versions for Linux and Windows (Maya 6 and 7). The Linux versions are tested on Suse 9 but should also work on Redhat. They also worked through the UI mel scripts and made sure they display correctly on Linux. This has been done for Rotate Deltas and Paint Deform too.

Btw, the BCS got an update to 1.0.8. This solves the NURBS mirrorGeo bug and corrects a really hard to find problem with interference between the bcs plugin and other deformers like clusters, etc.. Prior to this, having the bcs loaded was enough to slow down deformer heavy scenes considerably.

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